Choosing and Installing Natural Stone Slabs in Toronto

Choosing and installing natural stone slabs in Toronto for  countertops or floors with character, beautiful patterns and colours.

Types of Natural Stone Slabs

There’s a wide variety of natural stone to choose from, and, thanks to the wide availability of fabricators for custom-cut stone, it should be easy to create the perfect countertop or customized tiles for your home renovation project.
Low maintenance granite is always a popular choice. Granite comes in a rainbow of colours. Its grainy appearance adds mesmerizing depth to the slab. Granite can endure hot pots and other warm materials without scorch marks, but is susceptible to grease stains.
If you want a stone with a unique, eye-catching pattern, consider marbleor soapstone. These softer stones require more maintenance since they’re prone to scratching and are quite porous, allowing stains to set easily. There’s nothing quite as majestic as the bold swirling pattern of marble or the elegance of finely veined patterns. Marble is a popular choice for elegant flooring and decadent bathroom designs.

Installing Natural Stone

If you want the spectacular look of natural stone, you’ll need to consult a fabricator. A fabricator will cut the natural stone slab to fit your required dimensions. You can also ask for bevelled edges or another pattern since the stone will be cut just for you. There are many fabricators in Toronto and its surrounding areas—just do a search online. If you’re working with a home renovator, he or she may already work with a trusted fabricator.
Since patterns and colours vary so much for all types of natural stone, it’s important to visit a quarry or supplier to see the stones for yourself. You can pick out the exact slabs for your project and have them cut just for your room.
Natural stone countertops need to be installed by a pro. In fact, some manufacturers will not honour their warranty if you install the countertop yourself. Given that your natural stone countertop will last for years, it’s worth the extra expense to let the pros install it.

Caring for your natural stone slab countertop in Toronto

Natural stone, like limestone, slate and soapstone, doesn’t need sealant to keep it looking its best. If you accidently spill something, you should be able to wipe it clean as long as you catch it right away.
Use warm, soapy water or one of the nonabrasive kitchen countertop cleaners on the market. Avoid steel wool and other abrasive sponges or cleaning pads since they may scratch the stone.
If you’re using a cleaner with bleach, be extremely careful since it may lighten the colour of the countertop wherever you use it. Do a quick test cleaning in a small corner or under an appliance to ensure that the cleaner won’t damage or discolour your natural stone.
If you have grease stains on the stone, mix white vinegar and water and give the counter a wipe. If it feels like there’s a bumpy build-up, you can wipe the natural stone with baking soda and water, followed by a thorough rinse, and it should feel smooth again.
A natural stone slab that is well cut and professionally installed can greatly increase the beauty and value of your Toronto home.